Concept of making DREAM I.D is similar to your other identity proofs like voter I.D card. When people are lost, they are identified on the basis of their Identity Proofs. But there is no provision in this world to make you realise about your dreams if you are lost in between. So this Dream I.D

DREAMS (By stranger)

I dream of things that have never been, I dream of things that exist only in my dreams I hope and dream That all my dreams will come into being And dream and hope That all my hopes will come into being I dream of my hopes come true I hope of my dreams come

A circle…

Words are tears that have been written down. Tears are words that need to be shed. Without them, joy loses all its brilliance and sadness has no end…….Aleph by Paulo Coelho…. A brilliant quote by Paulo Coelho makes me ponder over the very basic facts about the importance of joy to grief and the importance


I dream of things that have never been, I dream of things that exist only in my dreams I hope and dream That all my dreams will come into being And dream and hope That all my hopes will come into being I dream of my hopes come true I hope of my dreams come

Promise is a BIG word

  A promise is a promise. Whether it’s a tiny promise or a huge promise….. it’s a promise. I promise to come pick you up, I promise to write, I promise to watch that movie, I promise to be faithful, I promise to do that or do this, I promise, I promise, I promise, I

God Isn’t Dead (You just have to know what you’re looking for)

“God” exists. The real god that is. The one that everyone has been talking about and looking for for ages. The ultimate “god” of this universe is all around us as it was before we started to affect things via complex thought, which makes it hard to see this god, and therefore to follow, but

How To Build A Masterpiece

Journey To New Eden It is told that one day while walking through the desert, a traveler came across Socrates. “Socrates,” the traveler said “You are a wise man and I am lost. Tell me, how do I get to Athens?” Socrates thought for a moment and then he replied to the man, “Make sure

soch vichaar…

karne se pehle kuch socha kar re bande upar kya muh dhikhaega sabko kya jawab de k jaega inshaan hai inshaan ban k reh nai to hawaniyat ka shikaar hojaega luta kar inshaniyat apni tu sharam se nai garv se upar jaega khak se aaya hai ek din raakh mein mil jaega hai agar khudi

bataon tujko…

paas aa zara mere dil ki awaj sunao mein tujko kaise ruk ruk dharkta hai aa paas dhikaon mein tujko likh diya hai ab naam tera ispe bol to dhikaon mein tujko jitna tadpaya tune pyaar mein dil to karta hai utna tadpaon mein tujko ajnabi hota tu to jarur satata mein magar tu to

bas mujhe mera yaar chahiye

bas ek aisa sathi ho har dukh sukh mein mere sath ho chahe mujhse ye duniya rooth jae bas ek aisa hi dildaar chahiye bas mujhe mera yaar chahiye jiski hasi pe marjane ko dil kare jiske kehne pe fir se jeene ko dil kare bas mujhe mera pyar chahiye bas mujhe mera yaar chahiye

Thinking Nothing About You

I am thinking nothing about you. But my time goes by thinking, So I must be thinking something about you. Without thinking so many thoughts, Without dreaming so many dreams, Without saying so many words have gathered in my life, Yet my life seems to be larger than your memories, So I am still breathing…..

My Dancing Soul

My eyes are when closed. . . . . Breathes my being in whisper, My rhythm I can catch,, Far away I stare Into the horizon, Surpassing  my mind, No longer  know I, where lost am I, Deeper than the ocean, higher than the sky, My being is on wings, far away I fly.  

Allah Ke Bande Hasde(Smile, Child of God)

  How do you feel when darkness surrounds your life? Abyssal darkness? Pitfull darkness that traps you in its unfathomable maze? You can scream all day long but no one to hear you? Not a single ray of light to arrive your soul? Not a single hand to reach out to you? And then you

NEVER WAKE UP DEAD By Judith Froemming

“A flower in the meadow at the setting of our sun never says, ‘I’m staying up I need to get more work done.’ She knows this makes no sense for when the morning comes her vital resources will be drained her mood now anything but fun. So as the sun begins to set her petals

BE YOUR OWN PRESENCE By Judith Froemming

“No matter the day no matter the night no matter the fray no matter the fight release the e-motion and take a deep breath let go of the notion that this is your death. Deep breath is a choice to release fear’s incessancy hear your own voice and be your own presence here.”

Out of the Hell(Dowry a sin)

She reckons of the day she walked into the heaven ‘Cause heaven she thought it was, above cloud eleven Brimming with thoughts full of happiness, those thoughts of new life Elated she was on her prospects of being a newly-wedded wife. Above the Gods are in-laws, that’s what she was taught; And worship thy husband,

A Sunday

With my eyes set on the target pins, I rolled the bowling ball with the thrust just apt enough to knock down all the pins, standing at the other end of the wooden floor, in one go. All the other pairs of eyes were moving in sync with the sliding ball. The silence was what

Loving Yourself: Eat Pray Love

“At that moment of realization (that union with God is always present), that’s when God let me go, let me slide through His fingers with this last compassionate, unspoken message: You may return here once you have fully come to understand that you are always here.” ~ Liz Gilbert, “Eat Pray Love” As little girls

You’ve Gotta Break a Few Rules if You Wanna Make History by Williams Kiki

“I may not havegone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed tobe.” ~ Douglas Adams It was the summer of 2010. One of the “girls” I worked with during my teenage years, Judi, was interning with my company that summer.She was a senior in college and 21 years


I hear the sirens in the distance, As I open up my eyes. I feel so lost and confused, And then I realize… The building is on fire, And I have nowhere to run. I am eighty odd floors above the ground, And whatever has been done…is done. I can hear the sounds of screaming,

Fire At My Door

The following is a personal account which took place in January of 2011.My uncle and I were neighbors of a 72 year old handicapped elderly woman.She suffered from multiple conditions which required her to use a quad cane and a walker,and had great difficulty getting up the stairs.We became her Caregivers for five years prior

WHEN I AM SILENT, I SPEAK by Judith Froemming

“When I am silent, I speak; volumes of wing-ward wisdom, taken on the wind, tumbling in the leaves, tickled by the breeze. Somewhere in the sun, drunken honey bees fill the hive with combs of sweet bumbling lives.”

The Sleeping Sculpture

That stone sculpture has caught my sight, Emotions aroused like the sea in tide… That perfect nose, those eyes warm, Lifeless, yet living, a silent charm! Your creator must have had the master’s touch, Your image slowly locked with a latch. My eyes keep going back, searching you out, Is today any different? In wonder


“The dream is a story of acquiring glory more is better die as a debtor. Until the weight of accumulation breaks the back of reason the desire for pleasing. From under the pile of what we don’t need crawls relief from the burden of attachment and greed. Skipping away heart glows in the rain laughing

Love and Beauty

There are two ways to become beautiful – when you love and when you are loved. Through loving someone you become beautiful. A heart which springs fountain of love from the divine source can’t be ordinary. It is more precious than the most perfect pearl ever may be found among the oceans on Earth. Such

I Will Never Let You Go

When you form a dream , you form a cloud in the sky. As the cloud moves from place to place, gaining water drops, getting heavier, you dreams also travel with you, gaining momentum with time and tide. One day, the cloud can hold its weight no more, it falls down as rain, reviving life

~~ I want to be left alone ~~

Depression, mood swings, hatred, agony, scorn, in-security, perplexed, blackout, darkness, aloofness, rain, loneliness, silence, stillness, scrub down, horrendous, panic, anxious !! The moment or the day I converse more is when I am extremely in high spirits. And the rest of my days are taken by the above.  I’ve been living with this for so

The Lost Identity

Who am I? this question I often ask myself, when I am alone, But, still I can’t find an answer. I have no parents, so obviously I can’t find answers from them, as they do not even exist, So, I tried to find that answer, from my friends, but soon realized that I do not

Half Life (A Girl that never returned)

I am in love, love with a most fabulous gal, her name, her name I cannot remember. U may think, that I am fooling around, But, I am not, I love her,will love her, will love her till last of my breath, she said she will return before going, but, though ages have passed, and

the lord

16 OCTOBER 2025 It was an ordinary day for people of a small town Medrid. Medrid is a small town inhabited by the small population of 2500 people in the foot of Alps, mountains, in the city of Sectus, it nearly remained cut off from the rest of the world. People here were rich not

India-A Conglomerate of child producing factories

The following article is a blog post taken from “A Little of that in those commas,,,,”, my personal blog, the link of which is: http://wwwbloggercom-shiva.blogspot.in/2011/12/india-conglomerate-of-child-producing.html Hope you enjoy the article!! Here it goes..Cheers!! India-A Conglomerate of child producing factories- Sounds harsh…very harsh indeed. But it’s a fact, a blot which no detergent making companies can

Effect of Physical Health Affect Your Moods

How Does Physical Health Affect Your Moods? A great health strategy is to make sure you are involved with physical exercise. You cannot have good physical health without exercise. The human body evolved through the ages with physical activity as an important element of survival. Now, we sit behind desks, watch TV, or are on

10 Hotly Anticipated Cars for 2013 in india

1.     Tata Nano (Diesel) Price: Rs. 2-2.5 Lakhs The Nano managed to capture the public’s imagination, but it didn’t manage to capture the sales charts in quite the same way. The 2012 refresh has made it a much better car, though, and the waiting diesel promises much more. More kilometers to the litre, for one

The Country In My Heart

There’s a country in my heart where they live.. They never make a sound about what’s going around.. They never have a problem with the rest.. There’s a country in my heart where they live.. They never raise their voices about their choices.. They never want to have or be the best.. There’s a country

Top Internet Marketing Success Strategies

How To Win With Internet Marketing Are you taking advantage of the opportunities internet marketing offers? If you aren’t, you need to start. From reading this article, you can learn some basic information about Internet marketing, so that you can build your own marketing plan. You may have noticed as you visit other websites that

Smoking Spills

(He hated smoke. It made him cough. It made him feel allergic. It made him feel imperfect . But it also made him feel different, a fact which he loved. Even as a kid , this confusion did nothing to mitigate this unambiguous hatred towards smoke. His worst nightmare was to be made to sit

Ailen abduction

It is 2051. The sun is still warm and moonlight still cool and comforting. The cool fell of breeze still gave dream to many lovers, and birds still chirped in the morning it is yet another bright day in the city of New York, America. Sun shone brightly, although it was early July, the start

Tabacoo will kill you (Live example)

The actor who portrayed the “Malboro Man” in print and television cigarette advertisements died of lung cancer at age 51 on July 1992. Some of his last words were : “Take care of the children. Tobacco will kill you, and I am living proof of it,”. share with others, for others Do like our website


MARRIAGES IN KASHMIR Marriages in Kashmir are becoming quite expensive. Huge chunk of money is being spend on them. Many customs are added to it by each passing year and fulfilling these customs has become mandatory, thus resulting in marriages becoming expensive. Many boys and girls are forced to sit at home because of these


भागती सी ज़िन्दगी, मानों दिल में कोई चोर बैठा हो। पैसे का , Traffic का, Boss का, ज़िन्दगी का बुखार जैसे  बन्दर बनकर पीछे पड़ा हो। सात समुन्दर पार बैठे किसी ने गोया रास्ते में चवन्नियां बिखेर रखी हो। ज्यादा survive  कर  गए तो चवन्नियां अठन्नियां और अठन्नियां रुपये बनते  जाते हैं। और हम छुट्टे छूटने